Integrated Hardware-Software Solutions

Comprised of a team of communications, computer and embedded system engineers, this department focuses on projects requiring specialized integrated hardware<->software solutions. The development team has a wide range of expertise and previous projects include FM Radio Subcarrier Data Transmission System, GSM-based telemetry systems, LED sign board fabrication, VoIP and others.

Formerly focused solely on embedded system solutions, the department has widened its expertise to include cloud-based applications, telemetry, and power electronics.


Since 2005, the Integrated Solutions division has been involved heavily in VoIP-related projects, particularly based on the Asterisk Open Source PBX and Digium TDM Cards. Research efforts in this area include development of a Hosted PBX/Call Center Platform, development of an embedded asterisk server using mini-itx processors, and development of various web-based voip applications.

In 2006, EACOMM Corporation partnered with Indigo 21 to form Elisha Telecom Ltd. Elisha Telecom aims to provide a comprehensive VoIP offering encompassing A2Z termination, hosted IP-PBX solutions, VoIP Training, CTI development, and supply of various VoIP hardware and software to a worldwide market.


Touch Screen Kiosks

EACOMM leverages its market leadership in Interactive Multimedia Development into providing a turnkey fully integrated touch-screen kiosk solution for its clients. Previously deployed projects include museum kiosks, exhibit kiosks and download/purchase kiosks.

The popularity of tablet based computers has revived the interest in touch-screen based applications and EACOMM has developed several business-oriented tablet-based applications as well.

Cloud-based Application Hosting

EACOMM currently hosts over a hundred websites and web applications from all over the world in its various servers. All our web servers are located in world-class data centers in the USA and the UK giving us access to the bleeding edge of network technology and very high bandwidth capacity; thus ensuring that our clients are given the fastest and most robust Internet connections possible.

All our hosting packages are ‘managed’, meaning dedicated support personnel are available to help and assist you in maintaining your websites and servers. As such, you have no need to learn the complexities of web hosting or hire or contract network or computer engineers as our staff are ready and willing to assist you as and when you need it allowing you to focus on your core business.

EACOMM offers a wide range of hosting solutions in both Linux and Windows-based servers. EACOMM offers low-cost shared hosting, medium-range virtual private servers all the way to more expensive dedicated server solutions. Through our hosting partners we can also offer Content Delivery Network (CDN) storage solutions for clients requiring rapid file access for a global audience.

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