Blast from the Past…Part 2: Old Press Releases

EACOMM Admin did some new year cleaning and we found some press releases on our early works:

(The first “blast from the past” was posted in this blog on April 2011)

Ateneo Blue Book 2001. Our very first CD-ROM Yearbook Project. Developing CD-ROM yearbooks is the reason why 5 college friends decided to put up an IT Company in 1999. Incorporated formally in 2001, EACOMM has made over 20+ different CD and DVD-ROM yearbooks for over a dozen schools since this first effort was released.


Ateneo Blue Book 2002. This is our first “thematic” yearbook with a 1950′s rock and roll theme. It spawned a whole bunch of other themed yearbooks ranging from 80′s new wave, sci-fi, medieval/fantasy, and 3D virtual reality.


UP CMC 2002 – Our first college-level CD-ROM Yearbook, made for the University of the Philippine College of Mass Communications. Themed after the “newest” reality tv-craze of that year “Survivor”.



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