White Paper on Mobile Research Systems


Mobile Research or Mobile Market Research refers to the utilization of Mobile/Smart Phone technologies as a means of data collection. Using mobile-based applications for field research provides field personnel a powerful yet affordable tool to collect and analyze data in real time and provide immediate feedback on data accuracy and relevance. Mobile research also provides an efficient means of injecting geographical data to any research project due to the built in GPS transponders available in most smart phone devices.

In addition, dropping rates for mobile Internet usage has made it feasible for ‘always connected’ devices to utilize the cloud to not only connect to powerful web services but to communicate and share data with other smartphones, creating a potentially large and geographically dispersed real time data collection system.

In this white paper, EACOMM Corporation highlights recent projects that use Android-based smart phones to conduct various types of research and surveys with a high degree of efficiency, accuracy, and speed at an affordable cost.

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White Paper on Mobile Research Systems by EACOMM Corporation

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