UPDATE: Philippine Barangays Lookup Table

There are a number of Philippine Barangay listings available in the Internet but we found none that are in an easy to use form that can be integrated into software applications or websites. So we decided to share this csv barangay lookup table to all the programmers out there who might find it useful.

The table includes:

  • Barangay name
  • Barangay classification (urban or rural)
  • Barangay population
  • City Name
  • Province
  • Region

Possible uses include:

  • Contact or submission forms with dropdowns for Baranggay, City and Province
  • Geocoding software
  • Address lookup table
  • GIS software
  • Population statistics
  • Etc…

DISCLAIMER: The data is offered FOR FREE and can be edited and used by anyone as they see fit. The data is offered AS IS. While we will strive to keep this data up to date, we do not claim this is a comprehensive listing and some data may be outdated or missing. EACOMM will not be held liable for any inaccuracies or errors found in the data. EACOMM is not responsible for final end-user utilization of this data and any damages the user might incur in its use.


4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Philippine Barangays Lookup Table

  1. Lew Anderson

    I was wondering how up to date the population.csv is; the website says June 19, 2012.
    Thank you!

  2. Lew Anderson

    Thank you for the reply. FYI, I did check them against the 2010 numbers and they’re all off the census data. Some are high, some are low by as much as a couple thousand.

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